About Daurian

Welcome to Simply Genius!fullsizerender

My name is Daurian Hogan and I have been teaching for 11 years. I have taught grades 3-5 and currently teach gifted students in Georgia. Not only do I teach full time, but I am the mom to three beautiful children ages 12, 10, and 8. I am a runner (Half-Marathon, anyone?), a foodie (hence the exercise), and someone who loves to read and learn when she has the time!

I consider myself to be a life-long learner who is not afraid to try new things in the classroom and improve upon them daily. Since my third year as a teacher, I have always set a personal goal to develop myself in one area. This habit has become the one thing that has helped me to focus on my own professional development year after year. As my experience has grown, so has my focus. I have begun to question my own practices and ask “why” more often. And here I am.

Simply Genius is a place to share my current journey as both a learner and leader in the classroom. It is a space for sharing ideas and strategies that helps all of us maximize our effectiveness with students while maintaining our sanity! It is my hope that Simply Genius is a space for all those good ideas that are “simply genius” when you think about it. Let me be your collaborating teacher as you embark on this exciting journey in education!

I thank you for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon! Enjoy!